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What is Vastu !!
Scientific Concept of Vastu
Vibgyor from Sun
Cosmic Energy Enahancement
Selection of Land
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Tilted North & Vastu
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(A) Movement of Earth -
 In order to understand the underlying scientific aspects of Vastu Shastra, we take into consideration the following principles:-
 Since the earth spins from West to East and the North Pole is inclined by 23.5°, the actual North point of the earth is situated at NORTH-EAST and SOUTH point at SOUTH-WEST. The cosmic energy coming from NORTH-EAST provides positive energy to the structures whereas SOUTH-WEST gives rise to Negative energy. Hence efforts must be made to conserve the positive energy coming from NORTH EAST and also to arrest the flow of Negative energy arising from the SOUTH-WEST. Thus by keeping the potential high at NORTH-EAST and low in the SOUTHWEST,
 we can ensure uninterrupted strong flow of positive energy in each and every nook and corner of the structures. This can be accomplished by keeping maximum open spaces and doors in North and East of the plot and the least in the South and West. To keep the level of positive energy high, the height of the building will have to be kept low in the NORTHEAST, East and North side as compared to the SOUTHWEST, South and West Side. This stems the inward flow of negative energy.
 (B) Magnetic flow between the poles
 In order to maintain uninterrupted flow in the earth's magnetic field, it is essential that no pillars are erected in the middle part of the building and the number of the windows in the North should be double of that in the South, thus ensuring maximum utilization of positive magnetic flow coming from the North. Since Lord kuber is placed in the North it enhances the mental development and one gets strength to take right decisions and achieve prosperity.

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