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What is Vastu !!
Scientific Concept of Vastu
Vibgyor from Sun
Cosmic Energy Enahancement
Selection of Land
Monthwise effects in Vastu
Industrial Vastu
Vastu Remedies
Tilted North & Vastu
Observation in Industries





Selection of Land / Plot as per Vastu

The shape of the plot should be rectangle or square and all corners should be equal. Only in case of NORTHEAST corner, an outward projection, with increased outward slant, would be very beneficial.

If the land has to be acquired for industrial use, then the following aspects should be taken into consideration:-

a) The industries related to paper, cloth, limestone or dealing with white substances are seen to flourish when established on plots facing East.

b) North facing plots are beneficial for industries dealing in ice, pulses etc.

c) South facing plots have been found to be beneficial for industries dealing in engineering goods, steel, iron, tabacco, black plastic, coal, oil mills, jewelry, cosmetic products , electrical goods, hotels and hospitals.

d) West facing plots are beneficial for industries related to general provisions, gram flour, wheat flour, automobiles, transport companies.





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