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Vastu Shastra Consultant, India - Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi
What is Vastu !!
Scientific Concept of Vastu
Vibgyor from Sun
Cosmic Energy Enahancement
Selection of Land
Monthwise effects in Vastu
Industrial Vastu
Vastu Remedies
Tilted North & Vastu
Observation in Industries



What is Vastu ???

Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science of layout planning of buildings that has stood the test of times, influencing peace and prosperity of the inhabitants. Vaastu science does not find its roots in astrology but is a science which deals with the management of cosmic energy in Building & Structures. It has strong scientific base & is not a myth.

In modern times , the knowledge of house building technology has grown so vast , that it has been branched off into special fields such as architecture, engineering and Interior decoration. Architecture deals with the Internal comfort and external beauty, Civil engineering deals with the structural stability but Vaastu provides with the  knowledge to be adopted in building a house so as to make the native happy, healthy and prosperous. Vaastu principles are applicable to individual residential houses , industry....

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We at Vastu Shastra consultant.com, provide help and consultation to those who require their new house planning, industrial vastu consultation for new industry planning or alterations in existing industry. New layout planning as per vastu for homes, vastu for multistorey buildings, vastu for townships, vastu for hotels & restaurants, resorts and Vastu for Industries in all sectors and much more. We also provide consultation for interiors and furniture arrangement in offices. We also provide vastu shastra house plans. For Vastu tips please contact the under mentioned numbers.

We hold expertise in Construction Project Management Consultancy for efficient project control, planning and cost controlling.

Feel free to contact us for Vastu Shastra Consultancy. We are providing our Vastu services in India and UAE. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Mr. Ramesh Agarwal @ +91-94141-32757 (India / Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE / Oman )

Mr. Tarun Agarwal @ +971-50-7357860 (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi / UAE)

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